Patient Self Help

This web page offers you links to a number of websites. The principal aim of this part of the practice website is to help you find further information and guidance in managing your health. The web links are all NHS and therefore reilable and reguarly updated accordingly.

If you are a carer  you may feel alone and overwhelmed by the burden of the care you are providing. The NHS has many resources and can guide you by providing information about sources of support that you may find useful and helpful. See Carers help.

If you are a overweight or struggling with your weight and want further information, see weight help.

For exercise information see Up an Active. Some programmes are funded, if criteria is met.

We are also a Park run practice.  Patients can run, jog or walk or volunteer.  See Parkrun

If you are under 16 years of age or have children around this challenging age and need further information please see the teenagers help link. It is a list of references for many issues affecting young adolescents around 16 years old.

If you are struggling with alchohol dependency or just want to drink less see help with alcohol:

Are you depressed or concerned about someone who you know might be depressed? click here for further information: Depression and low mood

Are you diagnosed with COPD? Research evidence shows that self management in conjunction with your GP practice can help you avoid emergency admissions into hospital COPD Management

Do you suffer from Asthma? Do you want to avoid unecessary admissions to hospital? Then work in partnership with your GP practice in learning to manage your asthma. Click here  Asthma self management

Do you want to avoid and reduce your risks of developing Alzheimers & Dementia. If so work with your GP practice to minimise and prevent these conditions. Start to take an interest in self help and prevention.

Are you Hypertensive? Has the practice nurse and doctor told you to exercise more after filling in a GPAQ questionaire? If so click here. Physical Activity for Adults


Telephone /Video Triage System
SJMC operates a telephone/video triage system, please see the Apoointments section of the website. 
COVID 19 Privacy Notice
A Covid 19 Privacy notice has been published for the practice.  Please the downloads section. 
Prescribing of Over the Counter Medicines
Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for medication that can be bought over the counter for a range of s ...
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