Repeat Prescriptions

If your doctor agrees, you may be able to request a repeat prescription without seeing the doctor if you are on regular medication. Please note the methods for obtaining your repeat prescriptions.

Do not leave it until the last tablet before ordering your repeat prescription as prescriptions take 48 hours (working days). If you are going to be away on holiday when your prescription is due for renewal, then please inform the practice by your usual method  in plenty of time. Please indlude travel dates and destination. If you are travelling in the UK an electronic prescription can be collected at a pharmacy in the area that you are travelling to, patients NHS number will be required.  Patients travelling abroad may need to provide proof of destination and travel dates.  In some cases a repeat prescription will not be issued. Please do not blame the reception staff, they are only following the instructions of the doctor. In these circumstances, you will need to see the doctor before you receive your prescription. The doctor needs to consult with you from time to time to review your medication, for your own safety, this is at least every 12 months. 

In the interests of safe prescribing all requests for repeat prescriptions are to be made in writing.  This can be by e-mail to our dedicated mail box, online via a number of apps (though registration is required for this) or by handing in the right-hand side of your prescription to the receptionist (tick the items that you require).  Name, Address and DOB of birth must be stated along with the name of each medication required.  To reduce the risk of cross infection during the Coronavirus pandemic, please use either e-mail or on-line methods.  If this is not possible please contact the surgery for further advice.  We will require 48 hours’ notice in which to deal with your request. If you prefer, you may wish to post your request, but please allow a few days for your letter to reach us. If you leave a stamped addressed envelope, we will be happy to post your prescription to you.  The name of the medications required must be cleary stated.


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