We greatly value feedback. The last patient survey was developed to gather your views and help improve the service we deliver to you. However, should you have suggestions, please feel free to write to the management team.


As a patient, should you feeel the need to complain about the service you have recieved, the following information will set out the process for you generally, but in the event of  a formal complaint the management team will write to you inform you of what will happen next. Most complaints in the practice stem from mis-communication or feelings that you are not getting the service you would like. The practice is committed to delivering a high standard of care, the entire practice team work diligently to make your healthcare journey as stress free as possible. As you can imagine, the volume of demand on services provided can be difficult at extremely busy periods in the mornings on the telephone and in the practice at the begining and end of the week. So perseverence at these busy times is greatly appreciated in advance.

Complaints should be:

  • Either from a current patient or a previous patient recieving care from the practice.
  • Complaints on behalf of patients either existing or previous, will require wriiten consent to act on their behalf, either as power of attorney in cases of capacity or witnessed by non relatives. If the patient happens to be a child, complaints must be made by either parent or in the absence of both parents, the guardian or other adult who has care of the child.
  • Alternatively by:
    •  By a person duly authorised by a local authority to whose care the child has been committed under the provisions of the Children Act 1989.
    • By a person duly authorised by a voluntary organisation by which the child is being accommodated.
  • All complaints, written and verbal, will be recorded.  Written complaints will be acknowledged by letter within THREE working days of receipt. 
The period for making a complaint is:
  • 12 months from the date on which the event that is the subject of the complaint, occurred or 12 months from the date on which the event came to the complainant's notice.
  • Where a complaint is submitted outside 12 months, the practice will still consider the complaint if the complainant has good reasons for not having complained within the time limit, provided it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and fairly.


Telephone /Video Triage System
SJMC operates a telephone/video triage system, please see the Apoointments section of the website. 
COVID 19 Privacy Notice
A Covid 19 Privacy notice has been published for the practice.  Please the downloads section. 
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